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السلام عليكم

Sekian lama tak post. Finally and suddenly mood rajin datang. *tengok jam* Ohmaii almost 1 a.m. Kemonn, apa motif kau weh pagi2 ni nak update blog bagai.

Okay life in matriks going better day by day. Love matrikulasi selangor. Hari tu dapat result pspm sem 1. Alhamdulillah mencapai target which is 3.91. Rezeki :) Gembira sebab both of my parents sgt berpuas hati. Syukur alhamdulillah.

Masa semakin panjang. Hidup semakin payah.

Status? Urgh hate to say that. Im happily single. Maybe. Yeah rumors said that it is not a right time to be loved and in love with someone. But sometimes we'll feel something. Hmm maybe we needs love. Love is not just a simple word. U must take a risk and go for it! And its not suitable yet for teens like us.

Muaz Fakhruddin Muzafar? Yes i do love him. But i dont know whether our relationship is still going on or not. Because I didnt think that we're still with the same feeling like before.

I dont know. Hm.

Cerita best untuk sem II ni.. Aku dapat menjejakkan kaki ke aeon bukit tinggi, klang. Ohh it was so amazing moment when me and my rommates berjalan2 sambil shopping, tengok movie, makan sizzling mee. Ouhh yummy! :)

Hmm rindunya dekat familyyyy :(

tulus ikhlas,
Nor Azzatul Akmarisha bt Serjali

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